Thursday, 16 April 2015

4 Tips for Striking Work Life Balance

These days, people are finding it hard to strike a balance between work and life because of their 'always on job's requirement. Nearly a billion people each day thinks of ways of reconciling life and work together; but the issue is not a bed of roses. To help each and every entrepreneur as well as employees in striking the right chords, here are some of the efficient tips for striking as well as maintaining work lifebalance. Have a look:
1.      Identification of needs
First and foremost tip is to identify what is significant and then communicate the same to peers and managers; so that a proper solution can be worked out. For instance, if it is necessary for you to have 9pm dinner with family, communicate with them so that a proper time schedule can be formed taking into consideration the needs of organisation as well as employee.

2.      Strive for excellence; and not perfection
A perfectionist attitude gels well during growing up days; but as the family grows and responsibilities zoom in, an eye of perfection can bring stress and troubles. This habit of being perfectionist can bring destruction to your personal life. Hence strive for excelling in a field and not being perfect in it.
3.      A time schedule
We plan everything in advance for a week, which includes a time schedule for meetings with clients. Add into that schedule, the meetings with family members and other family dinners that you need to attend to recharge yourself. Taking out time for family and friends in your schedule adds value to your vision and efficiency.

4.      Exercise and meditation
These are the keys for harmony. Even if you are busy, you do eat and go to loo; sowhy are exercise and meditation left in abeyance? Meditation is an effective stress buster. It lifts up your mood and also fills in positive energy into your body. This way your body rests at ease, which will surely be reflected in your working style becoming effective and efficient.

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